Avengers 4 fan theory suggests the only path to victory relies on Iron Man and Ant-Man teaming up

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There is only one way to win? (Picture: Rex/ Getty)

As we try to wait patiently for Avengers 4 – how is that going guys? – fan theories have flying around like mad and this latest one relies on Ant-Man and Iron Man pairing up to save the world.

We all just want to know what happens after our favourite heroes literally crumbled into dust at the hand of supervillain Thanos.

In Infinity War, despite saying he would never hand over the Time Stone to Thanos, Doctor Strange did just that in a trade for Tony Stark – aka Iron Mans life – thus completing Thanoss Infinity Gauntlet and giving him the tools to wipe out half of the universe.

It was a strange thing for Doctor Strange to do – especially as he had used his powers to discover the one possible future out of 14,000,605 paths that lead to victory for the good guys.

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Thanos destroyed half the universe with a click of his fingers (Picture: Shutterstock)

But a recent fan theory suggests that Thanos and his sacrifice of daughter Gamora for the Soul Stone is key to the good guys victory in Avengers 4.



A post from Reddit user Literally_MeIRL suggests that the Soul Stones special properties will have us all singing Happy Day at the end of the upcoming movie.

The Marvel fan explained: All of the other Infinity Stones require the user to be in possession of them to have dominion over them. The Soul Stone, as stated by Red Skull, holds a special place among the rest. It is the stone that can control and align all the other stones to their fullest potential and the stone that requires a sacrifice to possess.

The heroes could remove the gauntlet from Thanos a million ways, and scatter the stones a million more but as long as Thanos possessed the Soul Stone he would always triumph. Further, he would become immune to death as the Soul Stone also controls life. He would be an unstoppable force in pursuit of the stones and thus would always win in time.

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Could Ant-Man be the saving grace for the Avengers? (Picture: Rex Features)

To be stopped, Thanos needs to relinquish the power of the Soul Stone willingly. He would need to bring Gamora back and thus negate the original sacrifice. The key to Avengers 4 will be causing Thanos to regret his actions and undo them willingly. This is where Nebula comes into play. As well as the Quantum Realm, and the B.A.R.F. (Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing) device Tony designed before the events of Civil War.

The fan goes on to explain that Scott Lang aka Ant-Man will re-emerge from the Quantum Realm via a Time Vortex, unfortunately, hell do so five years after the snap. As soon as he is back he will seek out Tony to help him find his daughter.



The theory then goes on to suggest that Tony will become the new head of SHIELD to try and get the world back to its old self.

Tony and Scott will try to find a scenario where they can stop Thanos by manipulating his mind and sparking the idea of having him undo the scarifying of Gamora.

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Iron Man could save the Avengers (Picture: Marvel)

Because they have Scotts Time Vortex and the Quantum Tunnel they contact Nebula to use her memories to construct a scenario to make Thanos feel remorse about Gamora.

The fan continues: This is where the remaining and newly introduced galactic characters come into play. Which are really just Nebula, Rocket and perhaps Captain Marvel. They dont know where Thanos is so they travel back to the Battle of New York to track him.

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They ultimately have Thanos undo what was done by using the BARF.

Nebula gains control of the weakened (no Soul Stone), but still very powerful gauntlet to get her revenge. Insert epic battle here. Steve and Tony must make a sacrifice to gain control of the Soul Stone and undo the new damage Nebula inflicts.

One of them falls to let the other gain control of the stone. The other falls undoing the damage. A new status quo is set, the heroes are restored but both Iron Man and Captain America are gone.


And mic drop.

Could this really be the only possible way to get our happy ending?

Avengers 4 is set for release on 26 April 2019.

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