Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle finally confronts her dad Obadiah tonight

Charity reunited with her Dad (Picture: ITV)

Charity Dingle is barely coping in Emmerdale, after the conviction of DI Bails for abusing her as a teenager. Drinking, stealing Zaks van and waking up in a field, Charitys in a bad way and theres only one thing she can thing of to get herself out of it.

Shes convinced the only way to get closure for what happened to her is to confront her father, Obadiah, and after Zak reveals he knows where to find him, Charity steels herself and prepares for a family reunion. After being thrown out by Obadiah when she was just a child, will their meeting go well?

Obadiah is the cousin of Zak, and has an alcohol problem and a temper. He threw Charity out when she was 13, after she shamed him by becoming pregnant with Debbie. It was this that forced Charity into a life of prostitution and abuse, eventually at the hands of DI Bails.

Vanessa comes to support Charity (Picture: ITV)

With Vanessa tagging along to support her, Charity goes to face the man she feels set her down the dark path. Theres no telling who shell find when she gets there – and what secrets she might uncover in the process.

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Whatever the outcome of Charitys meeting with Obadiah, the support she gets from Vanessa is unwavering, and the two declare their love for each other, at last, later in the week.

For now, though, Charity might finally be coming to terms with her agony and beginning to engage with the process of closure once more. But can she restart her relationship with the man who caused it all – and does she want to?

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