#WhyIDidntReport Confessions On Sex Assaults Mushroom In Wake Of Trump Tweet

So first off, we have established you cannot count…

Next, Dianne Feinstein didnt mention it earlier because the letter clearly asked for confidentiality and in case you havent noticed, this administration seems to leak like a sieve. In fact, take a look at the reports that Ed Whelan was poking around for information about Dr. Blasey BEFORE her identity became public.

And even if Feinstein acted politically in the revelation, does that mean Kavanaugh automatically didnt do what Blasey accuses him of? This whole confirmation is about Kavanaughs fitness for the justice position, not if Feinstein (or any other senator) followed proper Senate protocol.

Lastly, This was never about Booker (who has spoken at length about his past), Clinton or Ellison. This is about Kavanaugh. You can point fingers in as many other directions as you want (and if you do it fairly, youll see just as many from the right as you will the left) but you will be ignoring what is at real issue here, a man nominated for the highest court in the country has been accused of attempted rape, has potentially lied about it, and the GOP seems wholly uninterested in doing anything other than holding a PR stunt of a hearing (with no additional witness testimony) to try to find the truth.

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