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Saudi education minister adopts new organizational structure

Author: Shounaz MekkyID: 1536008034993509700Mon, 2018-09-03 23:53

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabias education minister has approved a new organizational structure for the ministry, which included integration, cancelation and the creation of a number of agencies to achieve integrated work and facilitate task performance.
The new organizational structure includes 10 agencies, along with supporting agencies and 54 public administrations.
As per the new changes approved by the education minister, Ahmad bin Mohammad Al Eissa, both the boys education agency and the girls agency will be integrated under one umbrella, the Educational Performance Agency.
The Higher Education Agency for Universities has been named the Agency of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Also, the decision includes establishing a Parallel Education Agency specialized for talents, special education and qualitative initiatives, as well as Saudi schools abroad. In addition to Human Resources and Financial Management agencies.
The new structuring included renaming a number of public administrations associated with the education minister.

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