Mum matches wardrobes with her 10-year-old daughter several times a week

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Yesenia and her daughter Kiki on a day out in matching outfits (PA Real Life/Collect)

(Picture: PA Real Life)

A makeup artists 10-year-old daughter dresses identically to her mum.

Yesenia Medina, 39, has an Instagram account dedicated to sharing photos of herself with her mini-me, daughter Monique – known as Kiki.

When she cant buy twin outfits, she makes them herself.

Each time she buys an outfit, the mum-of-two from California, goes through the shops for an identical version for her young girl.

Yesenia often makes Kiki matching clothes (PA Real Life/Collect)

(Picture: PA Real Life)

I dont even know how much Ive spent over the years, Yesenia said.

It must be in the thousands, but Ive made about 20 of Kikis outfits myself, which has made things cheaper.

Sometimes, her one-year-old son Misael joins in with the dressing-up.

She said: We all have quite big wardrobes. If weve already worn an outfit and posted a picture on Instagram, we probably wont wear it much again.

Yesenia and Kiki (PA Real Life/Collect)

(Picture: PA Real Life)

Yesenia said: We clean out our closets every six months or so, and donate old clothes to charity or give them to the childrens cousins.



Everyone fights over Kikis clothes as theyre so nice.

We do a lot of shopping online or in regular high street stores like Target and Forever 21. Ive been very lucky to be able to find good matches.

Kiki was around one year old when her mum first began coordinating their outfits, which soon progressed into actually matching their clothes so that they could be in with the twinning trend.

Yesenia and her daughter Kiki share a love of fashion (PA Real Life/Collect)

(Picture: PA Real Life)

Yesenia said: If I cant find it, Ill make it. I get material from a local craft store, then get to work.

Im a completely self-taught dressmaker, and now it only takes about a day to make an outfit.

I would never put Kiki in anything age inappropriate but luckily we have similar styles anyway. Were both very girly, although she is edgier.

Yesenia and her daughter Kiki and son Misael (PA Real Life/Collect)

(Picture: PA Real Life)

Recently hired as a fit model – a person who test drives clothes behind the scenes for designers – Kiki shares her mums love of fashion and delights in their matching wardrobes.

Yesenia said: Shell say to me, “Mum, what are we wearing today?” and as long as shes happy doing this, Ill carry on.

I try to match with my son, although more with colours than exact pieces.

And now, with her husband acting as their official photographer, the twinning has become a family affair with regular snaps on Instagram.

Yesenia, Misael and Kiki (PA Real Life/Collect)

(Picture: PA Real Life)

Yesenia, who also runs a crafts and party planning business, said: Its not easy to take the perfect shot with two little ones.



It can sometimes take around 20 minutes to get a decent picture. Someone will always be fussing or not looking the right way.

Thankfully, she has never received any negative comments and insists that twinning with her daughter is a fun way of creating happy memories, allowing them to bond over their shared love of fashion.

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Yesenia and her daughter Kiki on a day out in matching outfits (PA Real Life/Collect)

(Picture: PA Real Life)

She said: With Instagram, all the pictures are in one place, so itll be lovely for Kiki to look back when shes older and see how cute we were, and how alike we dressed.

As she grows up, we match a little less. Now we do it around three or four times a week, but she loves our looks.

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