Will Scott Morrison make a good Prime Minister? We want to know what you think | Poll

Just a few days ago Scott Morrison became Australia's new prime minister after defeating Peter Dutton in the race to replace Malcolm Turnbull.

The deputy leader of the Liberal party will be Josh Frydenberg, replacing Julie Bishop.

Mr Dutton, Mr Morrison and Ms Bishop contested a three-way contest to replace him, with Ms Bishop eliminated first after getting the lowest vote.

Mr Morrison defeated Mr Dutton in the next round by five votes, 45 to 40.

Last week Fairfax Media asked Parkes MP Mark Coulton whether the Liberals could unite behind the former Treasurer.

“If they cant, theyre finished as an organisation with any credibility. They will be for a long, long time,” Mr Coulton said.

“I came to Canberra the same day as Scott, eight years ago, and … he will be someone that Australians can have confidence in and look up to.”

“As chair of the Coalitions Economics and Finance Backbench Committee, I meet with him regularly. Hes a smart guy and hes certainly across all the economic issues facing Australia, you wont trip him up on any of those, thats for sure,” he said.

“I was also surprised that Julie Bishop didnt make it into the final round. I think shes done an outstanding job as Foreign Minister and the public also rate her highly.”

We want to know what you think of Scott Morrison. Let us know in our survey below.

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