The US is launching a Space Force and the reactions are out of this world – the funniest 37

When Donald Trump announced plans to create a Space Force, he got this reaction from Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon.

Dont worry, Buzz Aldrin, we sane people feel the same way about #SpaceForce

— Indivisible Network (@IndivisibleNet) August 10, 2018

Yesterday, the world was given confirmation of the project, which will be up and running within two years.

BREAKING: Vice President Pence announces plans for new, separate US Space Force as 6th military service by 2020.

— The Associated Press (@AP) August 9, 2018

With typical restraint and maturity, Trump reacted like this.

Space Force all the way!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 9, 2018

Needless to say, the internet had a lot to say on the matter.


I'd love to join up, but I have space bone spurs.

— Kevin M. Kruse (@KevinMKruse) August 9, 2018


?"Space Force. Meet the Space Force. They're the modern space-age military." ?

— Tea Pain (@TeaPainUSA) August 9, 2018


When you copy your friends homework 5 minutes before class but dont want it to look obvious #SpaceForce

— Austin Kleber (@austinkleber) August 9, 2018


To indignity and beyond!

— Damien Owens (@OwensDamien) August 9, 2018


Roses are red,
Corpses are grey,
You're going to jail,

— Graham Linehan (@Glinner) August 9, 2018


BREAKING: #SpaceForce leadership team announced

— Charles Gaba (@charles_gaba) August 9, 2018


What five words are you most likely to shout whilst pleasuring your anus with a rocket-shaped sex toy?

— Max ?️‍? (@SpillerOfTea) August 9, 2018


"Funny, last time he went all the way, he failed to launch." — Stormy Daniels

— Mrs. Betty Bowers (@BettyBowers) August 9, 2018


I'm all for Space Force if the first two people to go are Trump and Pence and it's a one-way trip. ?

— Holly Figueroa O'Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) August 9, 2018


'Team America: World Police' was taken.

— edgarwright (@edgarwright) August 9, 2018


"We will build a wall in space, and the aliens will pay for it!"

— PresidentialTrump (@MatureTrumpTwts) August 9, 2018


Klingon cells,
Mars rebels,

— Jemaine Clement (@AJemaineClement) August 9, 2018


One small step for man, one giant step to end mankind. #SpaceForce

— chaplinlives (@chaplinlives) August 10, 2018


It will never fail to amaze me that America is willing to pay for an imaginary Space Force in an imaginary Space War but thinks free healthcare for all is absolute madness.

— Emma Kennedy (@EmmaKennedy) August 9, 2018


BREAKING: First leaked image of #SpaceForce uniform.

— John P. Glynn (@JohnPGlynn) August 9, 2018


It is official that on Space Forces first mission Mike Pence will not be allowed to visit Venus alone.

— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) August 9, 2018


Donald Trump's US Space Force is go.

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) August 9, 2018


Space Force looks like the menu in a kids restaurant where the ice cream is limitless

— Greg Jenner (@greg_jenner) August 9, 2018

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