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Saudi state carrier says flights affected by system failure

Author: Arab NewsID: 1534280201275295700Tue, 2018-08-14 23:57

RIYDAH: Saudi Arabias state airline Saudia says its flights have been affected by a system failure as the Kingdom hosts the annual Hajj pilgrimage.
The airline acknowledged the disruption in a statement issued Tuesday without saying how many flights were affected.
Saudia said it was using alternative methods to handle flights and to avoid any further delays.
“Saudia has taken the necessary measures to contain the situation and reduce the effects of disruptions,” it said in an official statement.
It also said the main operating room has been activated to monitor the situation closely and take further measures when necessary.
Saudia apologized to passengers that were affected by the sudden disruption and stressed that efforts are continuing to address the flight planning system failure and a return to the regular schedule.
The Hajj has already drawn over 1 million Muslim pilgrims to the Kingdom.

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