10 Coronation Street spoilers: Shock injury, new Rovers revealed and Lewis big return

Coronation Street spoilers for Johnny, Jenny, Henry, Gail, Gina and Tim
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Its all change in Coronation Street! Out with the old for Dev Alahan as he breaks off his relationship with Gina Seddon, in with the new for Jenny and Johnny Connor as they relaunch the Rovers and in with the old for Audrey Roberts as she allows Lewis Archer to woo his way back into her arms.

As things get more complicated in Weatherfield, Gemma Winter realises that Henry Newton is hiding way more from her than she ever realised while Sally Metcalfes desperate situation gets even worse after a discovery.

Here are the latest Coronation Street spoilers:

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Rana postpones telling Saira that she is still in a relationship with Kate.
  • Sean confesses his dire situation to Billy and reaches out for help.
  • Gail discovers that Audrey has reunited with Lewis.
  • Jenny and Johnny spread rumours about their plans for the Rovers.
  • Gina makes Sallys situation worse when a suspicious phone is found in the guttering.
  • Leanne helps Imran out in his feud with his ex Sabine.
  • Gail launches an intervention to try and persuade Audrey to leave Lewis.
  • Johnny and Jenny hold a party to launch the new Rovers but Henry deliberately injures himself.
  • Dev tells Gina that theyre over so Tim lets her move in.
  • Sally suggests to Paula that they set her daughter up with Sophie.

Monday 20th August Part One

Imran meets Sabine in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Imran and Sabine come face to face at his fathers funeral and tension rises while Rana tells Kate that she plans to delay telling Saira that their relationship is still on. Meanwhile, Leanne is miffed when Imran is lukewarm with her.

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Geoff throws a BBQ to try and help Sally and Tim sort out their differences but when Dev rescues Aadis ball from the roof, a mobile phone is discovered planted in the guttering and they realise its incriminating.

Billy calls at the Red Rec with supplies for the food van and spots Sean while Faye is upset to see closeness between Seb and Emma. Johnny agrees with Jennys idea of a part at the Rovers and Audrey insists to Claudia that Lewis has changed.

Monday 20th August Part Two

(Picture: ITV)

Sean lies to Billy ans claims that he is only there to volunteer with serving the food. When Carol arrives, Sean spills more lies but Billy is not convinced. Johnny and Jenny discuss plans to refurbish the Rovers.

Audrey decides to give Lewis another chance but tells Gail that she is going away on a cruise while Gina makes things worse for Sally when she suggests getting rid of the phone – only for Geoff to call the police. Leanne stands up to Sabine for an impressed Imran.

Wednesday 22nd August Part One

Jenny and Johnny reveal the new Rovers
(Picture: ITV)

Johnny and Jenny admire their names above the door of the Rovers and spread the news that they have big plans to turn the Rovers into a gastro pub which leaves Michelle and Robert worried about the bistro.

Gail is suspicious about why Audrey is lying when she discovers that the cruise has been cancelled months ago while David returns from Barbados. Carol is angry when Sean scares off a punter and later, when she is attacked, Billy helps Sean and he comes clean and admits that he is homeless.

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Sally forgives Gina even though Paula admits that she has made things worse while Billy tries to get Josh to admit his crimes while Henry starts work for Rita and Imran flirts with Leanne.

Wednesday 22nd August Part Two

Gail is concerned for Audrey in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Gail heads round to Audreys and is aghast when she looks through the window to see her sharing a romantic lunch with Lewis. Meanwhile, Sally and Paula reminisce during a night out and she suggests they set their daughters up together.

Sean comes clean to Billy about everything thats happened but he is angry when he thinks he and Eileen are offering him charity. However, after Carol gives him words of warning, he reaches out for help.

Johnny and Jenny agree to take on Gemma and Henry at the Rovers but Henry is being watched while Robert and Michelle fail to catch sight of their plans for the Rovers. Imran fears his mum wants him to go on the cruise she booked to go on with Hassan.

Friday 24th August Part One

(Picture: ITV)

Henry is accosted by two heavies who demands he pays money to Cressidas parents and, desperate, he eyes up a cheque that Rita has placed away in a drawer. Elsewhere, Johnny and Jenny open the doors to the Rovers/

Dev is forced to let Gina down after her drunken behaviour embarrasses him while the Platts trap Audrey into an intervention as they try to talk her out of reuniting with Lewis. Billy finds Carol a place in a clinic while Sean asks Carla for work.


Claudia contemplates giving Maria more time to stump up the money while Emma searches for a flat.

Friday 24th August Part Two

Dev splits from Gina in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Gina is heartbroken to realise that Dev is dumping her and Tim reaches out to her, helping her move her bags and allowing her to move in with him and Sally. Sean gets his job at the factory back but is sad when he loses track of Carol.

The regulars are amazed by the reopened Rovers but downstairs in the cellar, a scream rings out as Henry breaks his arm. Emma moves into Marias flat and Audrey is released by David when she refuses to back down over Lewis.

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