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Hotline established to respond to Hajj-related queries

Author: ARAB NEWSID: 1534190283778720200Mon, 2018-08-13 22:57

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabias Ministry of Islamic Affairs has allocated a 24-hour hotline (8002451000) during the Hajj season, to answer religious inquiries of pilgrims and others. As many as 128 preachers, 81 in Makkah and 47 in Madinah, will be available to answer pilgrims queries around the clock.
The preachers will be available to provide information on different Hajj procedures on the phone.
There are 59 phone lines: 24 in Makkah, 6 in Madinah and 29 in the sites of Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat. These lines operate according to the telecommunications relay service that receives the call directly and transfers it to the next line if there is no answer, according to a schedule placed by the provider.
An administrative team is in charge of arranging and coordinating the schedules of the preachers to cover all working hours.
The administrative team consists of seven employees in addition to a coordinator.
The number of calls received from the 20th of Dhul Qadah until the beginning of Dul Hijjah reached 9,271.

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