EastEnders spoilers: Fresh knife crime terror ahead for Keegan Baker

EastEnders reveals new knife crime horror for Keegan
(Picture: BBC)

Ever since his horrifying experience which saw him stabbed and also witness the death of his best friend Shakil Kazemi in a knife attack, a shaken Keegan Baker has been trying to pick up the pieces. But with another gang hanging around and causing trouble in EastEnders, the haunting memories of what he went through are never far away and his trauma rears its ugly head once more.

After getting roped in by the gang to do a task for them, young Denny Rickman is in trouble and with the youths hanging around outside of the Arches, horrible memories return to Keegan when he sees them eyeing up a bike. Of course, Keegan is recalling the bike that was the catalyst for Shakils death and he is unsettled.

Keegan is confronted in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

The gang pick up on his upset and start to goad him so Keegan runs off to the café and, desperate to avoid everything, he declines a day out with Bex Fowler and Louise Mitchell and instead agrees to do Hunter Owens shift at Beales when he ducks out.

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Hunter is annoyed that Keegan has stolen his job and heads to confront him but will he realise how troubled Keegan is feeling and that his recent horror has resurfaced? Or is he set to make things worse?

Elsewhere, after finding a rucksack stashed in the Arches by Denny and being left shocked by its contents, Keanu Taylor is at a loss over what to do. But when Keegan reminds him of where this kind of thing can lead, Keanu takes the stark warning on board and decides to take action.

But is there set to be more bloodshed on the streets of Walford?

One to watch: Tuesday 7th August at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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