Guy makes schoolboy error slagging off Sadiq Khan and the responses will make your day better

After three young men were tragically killed by a train near Loughborough Junction Station, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, tweeted a message of condolence.

My heart goes out to the families of the three people killed at Loughborough Junction station this morning. If you have any information about this incident please contact @BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40

— Mayor of London (@MayorofLondon) June 18, 2018

A reasonable and, indeed, considerate thing to do, right? Wrong – at least according to Twitter user @FreddSays, self-described researcher and analyst and Twitter-described gammon who had this to say.

Unfortunately for him, hed forgotten to use his research skills to discover that Loughborough Junction Station is in south London and nowhere near its Leicestershire namesake. Our favourite bit might be the people he copied in, who (we presume) knew better.

Here are our favourite responses online.

Oh Fred, you absolute idiot. And you tagged in your best mates to play along, didnt you? How about a public apology to set the record straight?

— Sarah Hilary (@sarah_hilary) June 18, 2018


Its only the “experts” who say Loughborough Junction is in London – the ones who said Brexit would be difficult and that we cant have our cake and eat it!

— Kieran Seale (@kseale1) June 18, 2018


Wait till he finds out where Leicester Square is.

— wren154 (@wren154) June 18, 2018


Yeah @SadiqKhan – and lets not see you make comment on events at Oxford Circus, Leicester Square, Warwick Avenue, Northumberland Avenue, Boston Manor, and dont even get me started on Canada Water. or Cyprus Just stick to London mate.
Jeez. the state of these gammons.

— Keith Randall 2018, Official Year of Hope FBPE (@KeithRandall10) June 18, 2018


No one tell him it's next to Denmark Hill…

— Moleman978 ?️‍? (@Moleman978) June 18, 2018


Ive got some bad news about Liverpool Street station as well.

— Ippy (@Southendian) June 18, 2018


When Gammon is in such a rush to Spite-Signal they forget to check the facts.
Let the Bad Tweet Ratio flow!

— Laz,husband of Rachel. Destroyer of Worlds. (@lazaroumterror) June 18, 2018


Nice try, but Loughborough Junction is near Brixton. Not that far from Surrey actually. Maybe talk to a researcher before you tweet?

— James Scott (@JamesScott337) June 18, 2018


Gammon like you are so blinded by furious hatred you cant check basic facts before attacking the Mayor. I wonder if his religion or skin colour has anything to do with this obsession?

— Jarrod Glover (@mrjarrodglover) June 18, 2018


— Ashley Wengraf (@ashleywengraf) June 18, 2018


I really love that your profile says researcher in it.

— Helen Clifton (@helenlclifton) June 18, 2018

After being informed of his mistake, @FreddSays retracted the part of his tweet he believed to be incorrect.

Corrigendum: Loughborough Junction is in Lambeth (how it got there is a mystery). As for rest, no apology. I stand by it.

— Fredd Says (@FreddSays) June 18, 2018

To which @adamcreen had a simple answer:

“Nob-endum: delete your account”


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