Toomey-White proves to be the peoples champion

Hes loved among the Cowboys faithful and clearly Justin Toomey-White is popular further afield as well, after topping the Group 11 Most Influential poll.

Wellingtons Toomey-White polled a massive 115 votes, with a staggering 727 collected overall.

He finished ahead of CYMS prop Nick Harvey, who scored 96 votes, while Forbes captain Jake Grace was next best with 72, in a clear sign fans have plenty of respect for the competitions forwards.

The votes have poured in since then and its clear theres plenty of Wellington Cowboys fans who took part.

The Cowboys are a rejuvenated force on the field this season and that has been noticed, with three players polling inside the top 10.

WHAT THEY SAID: How the people voted in the top 20 poll.

While Toomey-White was first, exciting fullback Will Lousick came in fourth with 61 votes, 8.39%, while captain-coach Aidan Ryan was eighth with 33 votes, which worked out to be 4.54% of all collected.

CYMS and Parkes both had two players inside the top 10.

Of the original list, six of the top 10 there finished inside the top 10 of the peoples vote, with Toomey-White and Grace in the top three of both lists.

Toomey-Whites 15.82% of votes just edges out the 15.1% of votes collected by last years winner, Zac Merritt.

ORIGINAL TOP 10: 1 Jake Grace, 2 Chad Porter, 3 Justin Toomey-White, 4 Brad Pickering, 5, Will Lousick, 6 Claude Gordon, 7 Wes Middleton, 8 Alex Bonham, 9 Ben Maguire, 10 James Fisk

FANS TOP 10: 1 Justin Toomey-White (15.82% of the vote), 2 Nick Harvey (13.2%), 3 Jake Grace (9.9%), 4 Will Lousick (8.39%), 5 Claude Gordon (5.91%), 6 James Fisk (5.78%), 7 Brad Pickering (4.95%), 8 Aidan Ryan (4.54%), 9 Alex Prout (4.26%), 10 Lewis Dwyer (4.13%)


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