Wanna One take their fourth win for Light on Music Bank

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Wanna One take their fourth win for Light on Music Bank
Wanna One earned a fourth win today (Picture: Twitter)

Wanna One continue to shine with Light as they took first place on this weeks Music Bank.

Winning track Light is the lead from Wanna Ones Special 4th EP, 1÷x=1 (Undivided). Its a smooth electro-pop number with an EDM breakdown, English chorus and sharp choreography – everything weve come to love these boys for.

Has it really been a whole year already since we picked them on Produce 101 Season 2? It went too fast! Heres hoping their 12-month contract can be extended a little longer.

Rookie girl group Busters made a comeback on todays show with the sweet summer track Grapes.

The girls – Minji, Hyeongseo, Jisu, Minjung, and Chaeyeon – have an average age of 14, and they are the voices behind a Korean cartoon show about an idol girl group.

They only debuted last year on the back of the cartoons success, but are already showing lots of promise.

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After their members gained new fans on the TV show MIXNINE, another rookie group ONF finally made a comeback today with Complete.

There are seven members – Hyojin, J-US, E-Tion, Wyatt, MK, U, and Laun.

Usually K-Pop groups have just one leader, but ONF has two, as they are divided into two subgroups, known as ON Team and OFF Team.

They debuted last August, and are on the same label as the charming B1A4.

Many well-known idols from Cube Entertainment performed a special stage today, under the name U-CUBE.

The song Follow Your Dreams brought together 2AMs Jo Kwon, Eunkwang and Hyunsik from BTOB, Sorn and Seunghee from CLC, Hui and Jinho from PENTAGON, and Miyeon and Minnie from (G)-IDLE.

The reason for this treat? Cubes first family concert in five years is kicking off in Seoul tomorrow.

Also appearing on todays show were Bolbbalgan4, SHINee, AOA, A.C.E, VICTON, fromis_9, 24K, KHAN, PRISTIN V, UNI.T, Yubin, The East Light, Girlkind, SPECTRUM, Walwari, and Lee Tae Hee.

The cute pixie-like Kei from Lovelyz has also now joined the show as a regular MC.

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