Toby Young had a hot take on a publishers inclusion policy and the replies were very satisfying

Publisher Penguin Random House has announced measures to make sure its books reflect our diverse society more accurately and some people werent happy. Author Lionel Shriver criticised the policy, which had the (un)fortunate consequence of prompting Toby Young to add his hot take.

The problem with Penguins new, virtue-signalling inclusion policy is that any BME, gay, trans or female authors it publishes from now on will worry that they havent been chosen on merit, but because they tick a diversity box

— Toby Young (@toadmeister) June 10, 2018

This turned out to be quite the self-own with people keen to remind Young of how he got into Oxford.


Maybe their dad rang up and badgered Penguin into publishing them

— Lucy Fishwif€ ? (@lucyfishwife) June 10, 2018


Because if anyone knows the burden of meritless advancement, its Toby My Daddy Got Me Into Oxford Young.

— Dr Fern Riddell (@FernRiddell) June 10, 2018


The problem with having your dad ring up Oxford to get you a place is that from now on youll worry that you havent been chosen on merit, but because you didnt tick a diversity box

— Will Tucker (@willgtucker) June 10, 2018


Mediocre white men whose dad's got them into Oxbridge worry about women's "merit" part 13566

— sianushka (@sianushka) June 10, 2018


was it virtue signalling when oxford let you in with two Bs and a C after your dad called them

— bobby sun ? (@touchmybobby) June 10, 2018


The problem.with your dad getting you an undeserved place at Oxford is you'll always know you didn't get in on merit.

— Red 'til I'm Dead (@suziegeewizz) June 10, 2018


much better to be chosen because your dad made a phone call

— sarah m (@sazza_jay) June 10, 2018


I preferred it in the old days when nepotism was the way forward.

— John Rain (@MrKenShabby) June 10, 2018


If you are aware of anybody who has been given a job for any reason other than merit, for example someone who has been appointed to sit on the board of the Office for Students, please alert @toadmeister to this injustice immediately.

— David Lammy (@DavidLammy) June 10, 2018


The problem with the traditional Old Boy Network way of founding careers in publishing and the media is that any posh, privileged authors it published must worry that they werent chosen on merit, but because their dad knew someone who knew someone.

— David Llewellyn (@TheDaiLlew) June 10, 2018

In fairness, not everybody mentioned his past experience with nepotism. Some found other metaphorical sticks with which to beat him.


lol Toby its not us that doubt our talent, its folk like you. But nice try.

— Amna (@AGlasgowGirl) June 10, 2018


I wonder if mediocre privately educated types have ever had that worry? No. Didnt think so. Move on.

— Rebecca Rideal (@RebeccaRideal) June 10, 2018


Virtue is a good thing, and humans signal all the time. The problem with people who say virtue signalling is that it is a substitute for actually thinking for themselves.

— Dr Adam Rutherford (@AdamRutherford) June 10, 2018


Never mind, Toby. If you're ever rejected by PRH you can always claim it was because of discrimination, rather than mediocrity.

— Joanne Harris (@Joannechocolat) June 10, 2018


lol Toby its not us that doubt our talent, its folk like you. But nice try.

— Amna (@AGlasgowGirl) June 10, 2018


Toby Young took on David Lammy over Oxford diversity and the Labour MP had the perfect response


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