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Jeddah Summer festival begins on June 25

Author: Mon, 2018-06-11 22:44

JEDDAH: The 20th Jeddah Summer festival kicks off on June 25, offering 50 cultural and entertainment activities, including theater performances, folk art, maritime shows, shopping activities, poetry evenings, and sports events.
The 30-day festival is organized by the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) with the participation of 10 big shopping centers.
During the festival, people will compete for 500 prizes worth SR1 million and draws on various other prizes.
JCCI Secretary-General Hassan bin Ibrahim Dahlan said that the Jeddah Summer festival was one of the most important festivals in the region.
He pointed out that the JCCI, with its experience in managing festivals and events, has benefited from international experiences for investing in a Saudi tourism product.
“This year, we have focused on attracting visitors and families from inside and outside the Kingdom through a series of activities that satisfy all tastes at the Jeddah Corniche, at shopping malls, and across Jeddah,” he added.
Dahlan explained that the festivals organizers were keen to capture the cultural and civilizational aspects of the Makkah region in general and Jeddah in particular in order to make a qualitative leap in domestic tourism and achieve the objectives of the Kingdoms Vision 2030.
He explained that some of the activities were to be held for the first time during the 20th Jeddah Summer festival this year with the support from the Jeddah Municipality, the General Entertainment Authority, and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage.
“The JCCI was assigned the great responsibility of choosing various quality activities that meet international standards,” he said.
“The festival gives investors in the tourism sector a variety of options to expand their investments to include shopping and entertainment sectors, especially in light of the increased number of visitors to Jeddah throughout the year.
“The event has succeeded in establishing Jeddah as an international tourist destination with its tourism boom and high annual hotel occupancy rate, owing to the developed and innovative Saudi tourism products provided,” he continued.
Dahlan pointed out that for the first time, this years festival will host a friendly basketball tournament for people with special needs, broadcast the FIFA World Cup games, feature an air village, and hold cultural activities related to women driving cars such as “Hayya Nasouq” (Lets Drive).
Dahlan also emphasized the importance of the festivals partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment and the promotional programs and contests it offers.

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