Muslim women ridicule MAC cosmetics for Ramadan makeup tutorial

Muslim women have ridiculed MAC Cosmetics for posting a makeup tutorial video showing women how to look “glamorous” for suhoor – a pre-dawn meal consumed before fasting during Ramadan.

The advert has been mocked by several Muslim women, who told the cosmetic brand, in no uncertain terms, that they would not be applying makeup as they struggled to get out of bed at 4:00 am.

"Get ready for suhoor" ⚰⚰⚰

it's 4 am, can someone make me a tutorial for "how not to trip down the stairs in the dark" instead

— Adrienne Mahsa Varkiani (@AdrienneMahsa) May 26, 2018

During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, where worshippers fast from dawn to sunset, it is common for people to get up for a small meal before daybreak and then go back to sleep.

Many assumed that the makeup brand confused suhoor with iftar – the sunset meal where friends and families gather together to break the fast. Others pleaded with MAC to refrain from using Ramadan for commercial gain or to at least consult with Muslim women before launching a marketing campaign.

This wouldve been great for an “iftar party” look or an Eid makeup look. Its great that @MACcosmetics want to diversify their marketing, but come on – at least consult Muslim women before running with this stuff.

— Amena (@amenaofficial) May 26, 2018

However, another explanation has been offered for the apparent faux pas. According to some social media users, suhoor social gatherings are not unheard of in the Middle East, and it is likely that the video tutorial was aimed at this affluent market.

All you guys mocking that MAC ad about suhoor looks… in Dubai some actually go out for suhoor. When I was there during Ramadan in 2015 we went out for suhoor. It's so festive and the people are dressed in their best abayas and of course wearing make up.

— From My Fingertips (@Aneeqah) May 26, 2018

important to note this is for MAC middle east and for some, suhoor social gatherings is a thing ??‍♀️ still would have made more sense for the brand to pick the occasion that more easily translates

— ????? (@xoamani) May 26, 2018

Many people are complaining about MAC's make up look for suhoor—saying they barely open their eyes when eating in early morning.

In fact, suhoor in Dubai starts at 9 pm and they go to a night out right after.

It's a targeting. Not all ads are about you.

? (@khansaafathima) May 26, 2018

For anyone confused; this is an actual thing in the Middle East.

There are 'Suhoor buffets' from 9pm – 3am.

Women dress up. But not as much as the iftar parties.

Below is a product of the intersection between #religion & #consumerism. It risks lessening the spiritual value.

— MariamHakim (@MariamKSHakim) May 27, 2018

MAC Middle East has yet to comment on the advert, which, at the time of writing, was still posted on their Instagram page.

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