19 moving, surprising (and funny) tweets about the Irish abortion referendum

Polls are open in the referendum on Irelands abortion laws and whether to appeal the Eighth Amendment which effectively bans terminations in the country.

Currently, abortion is only allowed when a womans life is at risk, but not in cases of rape, incest or fatal foetal abnormality.

Its an emotive and divisive subject which has produced some moving, surprising – and yes, even funny – posts on Twitter.


#farmers4yes from the worst farmer in Ireland (myself) and the best (my Dad). Were proud to be voting yes, and we know Mam is proud of us too.

For my sisters. For all Irish women. #RepealThe8th

— Col (@cp_conlan) May 19, 2018


This pushed me right over the edge. #grandfathers4yes #Together4Yes #hometovote #repealthe8th

— TÁrudi Mc Donald (@TrooDee) May 24, 2018


I asked my 72 year old Dad if he is going to vote tomorrow.

This is what he said.#VoteYes #RepealThe8th

— Rebecca Fennelly (@Becksit_) May 24, 2018


Just took 93yr Mam to vote, she's registered blind. In a very loud voice she said, "Which box for #repealthe8th?" A cheer went up from waiting voters

?John Hyphen? (@JohnHyphen) May 25, 2018


Cant stress how important a yes vote is for the working class. I had a friend take pills at home because she couldnt afford a flight and go to work the next day still miscarrying. The working classes need you. Undocumented women need you. Abuse victims need you. #repealthe8th✊?

— spinelli (@oliviao_neill) May 23, 2018


Big Irish contingent in Brussels traveling so thousands more won't have to anymore. #hometovote #together4yes #RepealThe8th

?John Hyphen? (@JohnHyphen) May 24, 2018


Sad reflection as i wait to board my flight #HomeToVote – the cost of my travel from #Toronto was less than my travel costs to the UK when I needed to access safe abortion services. #together4yes #Repealthe8th

— Emma Jayne Geraghty (@Emma_Geraghty) May 20, 2018


“We mustnt allow women to become promiscuous”, is what one man said to me on the street today. This is at the heart of so much of the No campaign. Wind your beaks in and mind your own business. #repealthe8th

— EmerTheScreamer (@EmerTheScreamer) May 23, 2018


In the 70s I was advised by a psychiatrist to leave the country because I was gay. Today women have to leave the country to avail of abortion services. Lets all stay at home. #VoteYes #Repealthe8th #Together4Yes

— Senator David Norris (@SenDavidNorris) May 22, 2018


When I was miscarrying for days nobody ever asked me what else could have been done either. I was going to lose my baby it was inevitable, but while my baby had a heartbeat the doctors hands were tied. It's not just about abortion, its about healthcare. #tonighttv3 #repealthe8th

— Dee (@deirdrenugent4) May 21, 2018


As Ireland goes #hometovote to #RepealThe8th today, please remember Savita Halappanavar who died of sepsis after being denied an abortion for a pregnancy even after doctors said miscarriage was inevitable. Her death was a catalyst for this referendum. She was 31.

— Charlotte Morabito (@MorabitoCM) May 25, 2018


Tomorrow, please VOTE YES. #repealthe8th

— Eve Hewson (@EveHewson) May 25, 2018


"You wouldn't be here if you were aborted. One of my five friends wouldn't be here." Or if our mothers had miscarried. Or if our parents hadn't met. Or if we'd been hit by a bus. It's hypothetical. The terrified woman seeking help today is not. She's very real.

— TÁra Flynn #voteyes (@TaraFlynn) May 20, 2018


Think now may be the right time to share this piece of truth #RepealThe8th

— Nicola YES Coughlan (@nicolacoughlan) May 16, 2018


Good luck to everyone voting Yes to #repealthe8th. Remember to vote tomorrow, those voting no, remember your voting date is some time in the 17th century.

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) May 24, 2018


Ben Bulben backs up John Waters #benbulben #benbulbin #repealthe8th #Together4Yes

— Hopeless Surfer (@HopelessSurfer) May 17, 2018


Weird that all these No Voters are suddenly *against* Irish people getting on boats and planes. #repealthe8th

— Seamas **VOTE YES on May 25th** (@shockproofbeats) May 24, 2018


It's like Women's Rights Christmas Eve.

— Allan Cavanagh (@AllanCavanagh) May 24, 2018


Last minute decision to go #hometovote to #repealthe8th No flights left from London, so I have a 4 hour train, 4 hour wait and 3 hour ferry to make it home to vote- which is a walk in the park in comparison to the journey that Irish women are making every day to the UK

— Michelle McHugh (@MichelleMarleyy) May 24, 2018


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