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Seven arrested for subversive activities in Saudi Arabia

Sat, 2018-05-19 01:17

RIYADH: Seven people have been arrested for their association with foreign entities and for recruiting people in sensitive government positions.

Quoting the security spokesman of the Presidency of State Security, the Saudi Press Agency said: “The specialized authority monitored the coordinated activity of a group of people. Through this activity, the group was able to undertake organized work to cross religious and national limits. The group had suspicious contact with external parties supporting their activities and recruiting people working in sensitive government positions.”

The statement said the suspects had provided financial support to hostile elements abroad with the aim of undermining the security and stability of the Kingdom, its social safety, and harming its national unity.

The spokesman quoted Article 12 of the Basic Law of Governance, which states that national unity must be strengthened and protected from strife and division.

He also said that the investigation was on-going in order to identify the remaining elements involved in the suspicious activities and to take all legal measures against them.

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