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Things to consider when visiting a Saudi home

Fri, 2018-05-18 04:16

MAKKAH: When it comes to the Saudi home, there are many things that foreign visitors need to know.

The culture represents a melting pot of different cultures experienced by most Saudis living in a large geographical area, with each region having its traditions and customs.

When you visit a Saudi home, there are several different considerations and standards to take into account and not to be ignored, according to the psychologist Turki Al-Thabiti.

Great change

Al-Thabiti said that the Kingdom is witnessing an era of great change and openness led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, making communication and interaction with the West more open, not only on the economic and political levels but also on the social level.

Among other things, this means an exchange of official visits.

The West ignores many of the Saudi customs and traditions that are as important as the foreign customs which the Saudis are keen to observe when visiting European and foreign countries.

“They represent the homogeneity and melting of the civilizations during the 21st century,” he said.

Accuracy of time

Mona Al-Assiri, a Saudi industrial engineering student studying in Manchester, talked about the difference between Eastern and Western cultures.

“Western families have habits regarding the accuracy of the time during the visit, eating and thanking the host. It is also very important that the guest bring a gift with him when invited. The host chooses halal meat to be served,” Al-Assiri said.

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