Forget bumbags, this utility vest is the new festival fashion must-have

Forget bumbags, the utility vest is the new festival fashion must-have

Would you wear it? (Picture: & Other Stories)

If youre not one for carrying a bag at a festival, yet feel a bit 80s throwback wearing a bumbag, then weve found the perfect alternative.

Meet this ultra chic utility vest.

Designed in Stockholm by uber stylish Swedes, & Other Stories, its the ultimate festival accessory for those who like to live life hands-free.

The versatile utility-style body pack has eight functional compartments to stash all your stuff and an adjustable d-ring strap at the strap to keep it attached to you, making it more secure than a bumbag which can be accidentally unclipped/purposely removed by festival criminals.

The khaki and orange vest costs £69 and is made from leather and canvas, meaning vegan festival warriors are going to have to make do with bumbags for now.

Sorry, lads.

& Other Stories leather utility vest

(Picture: & Other Stories)

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Look at that juicy orange lining

(Picture: & Other Stories)

(Picture: & Other Stories)

You might be sat there thinking, Not being funny but this looks like a less practical army surplus vest which I can get a lot cheaper elsewhere, and to that, I say *presses my index finger to your lips* shhhhhhhhhhhh.

Why get the original version cheaper when you can pay over the nose for the ~fashion~ version?

Let your friends know how edgy you are by picking up your stylish utility vest here.

*shoots you a knowing edgy look*

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