Fancy buying half a jacket for £1,000?

Fancy buying half a jacket for £1,000?
(Picture: Net-a-Porter)

Less is more when it comes to the height of fashion.

That doesnt mean minimalism or neutral tones, to be clear. It means literally less clothing.

If youre looking for the perfect accompaniment for your hardly-there-at-all jeans, behold the next hot trend: Wearing half a jacket.

The Unravel Project is now selling whats effectively a blazer for half of your upper body, for the bargain price of £1,000.

If you buy two, youll get to keep both your arms warm. What a sweet deal.

The deconstructed satin-trimmed silk and cotton-blend twill blazer is basically a fancy blazer sliced in the middle, with one side left to be a regular jacket, and the other side replaced with straps and an abandoned lapel.

Half a jacket METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Net-a-Porter
(Picture: Net-a-Porter)

Net a Porter suggests various styling options, including layering the blazer over another jacket or just wearing it over a black bra.


We cant quite put our finger on what occasion such looks would be for, but we can see ourselves wearing the jacket on a day when weve got a date after work. Think about it – 9 to 5 you sit at an angle to show your businessy look, then sit the other side on when youre getting flirty. Easy.

Dont start questioning the temperature requirements for such a look, itll only make you confused.

Half a jacket METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: Net-a-Porter
(Picture: Net-a-Porter)

Either way, one arm is going to be a touch too warm, or the other is going to be freezing. This is a sacrifice you must make for fashion.

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If you do fancy buying the jacket, its £1,000, but we reckon you could easily make a DIY version by taking your kitchen scissors to your old school blazer.

Nothing says edgy like only dressing half your body, am I right?

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