This Tory election leaflet has some very weird stuff to say about Labour and Ukip

This Conservative local election leaflet starts off pretty conventionally – safer, greener, cleaner, blah blah blah – and then, well, have a look for yourself.

What have Labour delivered to this ward: hepatitis

Have a closer look …

It was a bit strange about Ukip as well.

What have UKIP delivered to this ward: 2 defibrillators. Petitions.

Why so specific? And whats the beef anyway? Bloody Ukip destroying the community with defibrillators! And er, petitions!

Plus – they cant spell community either. Apart from that …

Heres the person who shared the original post, which has since been taken down.

The reason I shared it is that often in politics, embarrassment is one surefire way to get a party to act.

Far too often with CCHQ, devolved things are too centralised and—as in this case—things that need to be quality checked are left totally to nutters in local associations

— Calgie (@christiancalgie) April 30, 2018

CCHQ have now suspended the candidate.

Im very glad and it proves the effectiveness of certain lobbying techniques to affect change.

— Calgie (@christiancalgie) May 1, 2018


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