Credit for effort despite loss | Photos

Credit for effort despite loss | Photos

The Wellington Cowboys may have risen to the occasion on Sunday to win Round 1 but Tigers Captain-Coach Jacob Neill says the final 34-6 score doesnt reflect the effort put in by his team members.

“I think the score didnt really reflect how close it was. We just let it blow out at the end a little bit. But that came from turning over a lot of ball and not playing many games this season so far,” Neill said.

Neill said despite loosing Tigers veteran Todd Rope, gaining Ned Dawson is a win for the team.

“Hes a young guy, its his first full season in first grade and I think hes going to be a big part of our side for hopefully the next 10 years.”

Wellingtons half back Adrian Davis proved to be a match for the Tigers at Sundays game. “He just kicked us out of the game in a way, hes very smart,” Neill said.

Neill payed credit to his team mates who came from shift work to play on Sunday and the team for their efforts after the first game of the season.

“Its massive for them guys to come off night shift and come and play football.”

“The effort was there and thats all I ask for, and if we can keep on improving on that well Im sure were going to be there at the end of the season when it counts.”

Neill thanked the community for their ongoing support, especially at the best and fairest auction held at the Nyngan RSL on Sunday evening.

“We just thank everyone that shows up and is apart of the Tigers community, its great so see everyone back on board again.”

Next week the Tigers travel to Narromine to take on the Jets.

“Theyve recruited well and theyve got a strong squad there now, so they will be hard to beat, but were looking forward to the challenge.”

“We are on the road for the next three weeks so if we can win a couple of these games, it will set us up for the back end of the season which will be good.”


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