Treat your precious puppy to a dog-sized sunhat

Look at these adorable little sunhats for dogs
How ruddy cute (Credit: TAILUP)

Youve got your own trendy sun protection, but have you ever thought about looking after your dog?

As well as donning your own baseball cap for a walk in the sunny park, you can now get one for your pooch.

These hats from Tail Up are paw-fect for protecting your dogs eyes and head from the suns harmful rays, and they even have little gaps for ears.

They come in lots of different designs, like block colours, stripes, leopard print and flowers.

The hats got heaps of attention after the below post went viral on Facebook, showcasing the cutest of cute puppers wearing a lime green version.

He looks so sad. Why so sad, smol dog? (Maybe because he is wearing a hat.)

Sunhats for dogs METRO GRAB taken from: and Credit: TAILUP
The post that went viral on Facebook (Picture: Facebook/TAILUP)

Here are some of the varieties you can get

Sunhats for dogs METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: TAILUP
(Credit: TAILUP)


What a floral dream

Sunhats for dogs METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: TAILUP
(Credit: TAILUP)

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This one is very soccer mom

Sunhats for dogs METRO GRAB taken from: Credit: TAILUP/Ebay
(Credit: TAILUP/Ebay)

The hats come in sizes small and medium,and cost from just £1.76 (with free postage and packing).

You can buy your own canine caps on eBay from Tail Up.

Its one of those ships from China jobbies, so youll probably order it and get it in 2020.

Of course, if your dog finds this uncomfortable and doesnt want to wear it, dont force it. Pupper knows best.

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