Girls Day Yura wants both singing and acting careers

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Girls Day Yura wants both singing and acting careers
Yura (Picture: Instagram)

Yura, member of K-pop group Girls Day, wants to have dual careers as a singer and actor.

The 25-year-old star appeared on the TV series Radio Romance, which ended in March, where she played a villain.

She debuted as a member of Girls Day in 2010 and started acting on TV through the Chinese drama The Secret Angel in 2012.

Her other acting credits include To the Beautiful You, Reckless Family 3, Be Arrogant, Iron Lady and Hip Hop Teacher.

For her role in Radio Romance, which also starred boy band Highlights Yoon Doo-joon, Kim So-hyun and Yoon Park, Yura said, according to the Chosun Ilbo: I wanted to depict the character as a cheerful villain viewers can sympathize with, but there were so many lines that were strongly worded.

To many viewers, I must have looked quite vicious.


She admitted: I cant watch myself acting because I feel so embarrassed. I always feel regret when I finish each project.

After the series, Yura said she wants to have both worlds in singing and acting.

Id like to diversify my portfolio and become a more versatile actor, she said. At the same time Id like to remain down-to-earth so that viewer can feel comfortable when they see me perform.

When shes performing on stage as member of Girls Day, Yura said: I am so engrossed in that moment and the excitement that the stage brings. But after those thrilling three minutes are over, I feel an enormous sense of emptiness.

But when it comes to acting, she said: I feel more focused and immersed as I dont do anything else during rather long shooting periods.

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But Im on my own, so I feel a lot more responsibility and pressure than being on stage as a singer, where I have the three other members I can count on.


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