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EU, GCC experts share knowledge on clean energy

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JEDDAH: Energy efficiency experts from the EU and GCC have launched a three-day training program to make public buildings greener.
“Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings: Policies-Technologies and Best Practices” was launched on Monday as an initiative by the EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network, co-organized with the Madinah Development Authority and the Environmental Center for Arab Towns.
As the EU and Arab nations try to mitigate climate change in a sustainable way, more countries are increasing efforts to reduce energy consumption and curb CO2 emissions.
“This seminar aims to enhance awareness on energy efficiency and energy conservation in the building sector and facilitate knowledge exchange and partnerships between the EU and the Arab regions,” said Mustapha Taoumi, representative of the EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network.
“The EU and the GCC have a huge opportunity to be partners in the clean energy transition that is happening in the global energy arena.”

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