Bloke moves in with two women and cant believe how different they are to men

A musician called Craig Shapes went viral after he moved in with his girlfriend and her best mate and discovered a whole new gender. Called women.

Last year, I moved in with my girlfriend and her best mate. Theyre both girls. Some of the shit Ive seen is EYE OPENING mate (a thread)

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018

The Shapester shared a 15-point guide to what he discovered and they were shared thousands of times online. Now we need a woman to move in with her boyfriend and his best mate to do the same …


1. They show each other ALL of the messages that they receive from everybody. Nobody is safe. Girls dont need screenshots mate, they have photographic screenshot memories

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018


2. Contrary to popular belief, girls do poo. And they aint scared to talk about it mate. “I NEED A POO” is probably the most used phrase in this house.

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018


3. HAIR CLIPS. Oh my days the hair clips. Stand on them, sit on them, wake up with them attached to your skin, mate I could have a fucking bath in the ones I find on a weekly basis

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018


4. The process for getting ready for a night out is not just “wash, get dressed, go out”. Nah. Theres meetings, catwalk shows, endless compliments and its sometimes an actual 2 man job cos some dresses have back zips that would literally be impossible for one girl to reach mate

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018


5. Candles. We have SO MANY CANDLES. Candles that smell like really weird things, like “rhubarb and custard”. I dont even know what rhubarb and custard actually smells like?!?

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018


6. Kardashians. Ibiza Weekender. Ru Paul. Ex On The Beach. Love Island. Geordie Shore. Mate, I know everything about all of these people Ill never meet. There are SO MANY EPISODES OF THEM ALL! And the worst thing is, I actually gave in and really got in to Love Island

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018


7. If my eyebrows arent “fleeky”, they literally dont talk to me until I agree to let one of the girls pluck them. Its mad. Girls love plucking someone elses eyebrows. No idea why!!

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018


8. Girls go on and on about dieting and “bikini bodies” etc, but trust me when I say that “cheat day” is pretty much whenever they feel sad about anything. Bad day? Glass of wine. Is it Monday? Chocolate. Did your boyfriend tell you we cant have a dog? Dominos.

— Craig Shapes (@craigshapes) March 28, 2018

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