Daylight saving ends: Its time to turn back time

Summer is over. Winter is coming. But this weekend theres an upside – youll get an extra hour of blissful sleep.

Attorney General Mark Speakman has reminded NSW residents that daylight saving ends at 3am on April 1.

“Most of our computers, mobile phones and tablets will update automatically, but those with older devices and manually-wound watches will need to put them back by one hour before going to bed on Saturday night”, Mr Speakman said.

Mr Speakman said he expected the change would be welcomed by early risers.

“The sun is now coming up at 7am when many people are already awake and getting ready for their day. As it gets colder, the return to standard time will help ensure were not starting our day in the dark,” Mr Speakman said.

Mr Speakman encouraged the community to spread the word so no one is in the dark about the end of daylight saving.

“If youve ever wished you could turn back time, this Sunday is your opportunity – so please Cher the message with your friends,” Mr Speakman said.

The next daylight saving period in NSW will begin on Sunday, October 7.

NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT all apply the same daylight saving periods. Daylight saving is not observed in Queensland, Western Australia or the Northern Territory.

Daylight saving was introduced in Australia during World War I in 1917 and was adopted by Australia again for part of World War II. It has been a permanent fixture on the NSW calendar since 1971.

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