Broken boards, shark sirens – cyclone surf is one for the ages

Broken boards, shark sirens – cyclone surf is one for the ages

  • Photo: Surfing Margaret River

  • Photo: Surfing Margaret River

    Photo: Surfing Margaret River

  • Photo: Peter Jovic Photography

    Photo: Peter Jovic Photography

  • Photo: IG/@tastes_like_bacon

    Photo: IG/@tastes_like_bacon

With the impending arrival of the Cyclone Marcus-backed so-called monster swell over the weekend, surfers in the South West kept a keen eye on the waves as the weather moved in.

According to the crew from Surfing Margaret River, the hype surrounding the rare weather event set expectations high.

“While the uneducated were expecting huge waves, it was the direction that mattered.

“This was a rare opportunity to see a few of the breaks that like a nor-west swell – a rare event in the South West – really fire.”

Heavy media coverage featuring Yallingups own Taj Burrow during one of the regions last big cyclone swell events ensured there were plenty of people on the shoreline ready to experience some huge waves.

Really – what a day. One to store in the memory banks for life, for sure.

Surfing Margaret River

“They weren't disappointed,” said Surfing Margaret River.

“Did it happen? Hell yeah it happened.”

Despite some heavy traffic backing up proceedings around the hotspots, some spectacular views were on offer for those who didnt mind a bit of a walk.

“At one stage eight jet skis were towing in, which was definitely the way to go as the wave was simply too fast to really catch any other way.

“There were a few free surfers sitting on the inside who also scored some great waves, but the pick of the bunch were the tow-ins who had the time to line themselves up and take the drop perfectly, taking the right along the shoreline, with some lucky enough to be spat out the end after a nice cover up.”

The Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter was busy overhead, sounding the shark siren across the airwaves as a number of unidentified sharks were spotted in the water.

“No one exited the water, it was too damn good,” said Surfing Margaret River.

“We saw one hideously bad board break – snapped straight through – but the surfer involved was fine.

“Really – what a day. One to store in the memory banks for life, for sure.”


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