Primark releases a new Beauty and the Beast Chip mug

Primark releases a new Beauty and the Beast Chip mug
(Picture: Primark)

Attention, Disney fanatics: Primark has just released a new Chip mug.

Last year, Disney lovers from all over the UK went crazy for Primark’s Beauty and the Beast Chip mug, which sold out almost immediately after it hit the shelves. In fact, things went so crazy that it inspired a range of other Chip-themed products, including a purse, a backpack and a pair of slippers.

But now, Primark has gone back to its mug products – by releasing a brand new Chip shaped mug.

The new mug is inspired by the moment Chip asks Belle: ‘Wanna see me do a trick?’ and attempts to blow bubbles out of his tea.

Primark new Chip mug Primark
(Picture: Primark)

It comes complete with puffed, rosy cheeks and a cheerful expression, and is totally adorable.

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It’s a lovely mug which will make the perfect addition to your kitchen cupboards.

And what’s extra lovely about it is the price. In true Primark fashion, the mug is super cheap at £5.

If you want to get your hands on one, you’d better act fast – otherwise expect to pay at least double the price on eBay. It’s happened before and it could definitely happen again.

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