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Phoenix Fire Dancers enthral Saudis with scorching performance of fire and light

Author: AMEERA ABIDThu, 2018-03-01 03:18ID: 1519864770392714200

JEDDAH: The Phoenix Fire Dancers turned up the heat in more ways than one during their show Illuminaire, one of the world’s largest fire and light shows.
The troupe took to the stage at the Bay La Sun hotel and Marina in King Abdullah Economic City on February 28, having performed in a host of cities worldwide, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and New York.
Thir show is a unique fusion of fire, lasers, pyrotechnics, projection, music, dance, ancrobatics and special effects. The influences behind its creation include mythology, ancient culture and visions of an enlightened future.
The show kicked off with four majestic drummers, who hyped up the crowd with a stirring rhythm. When the audience warmed up, a singer appeared on stage to sing some beautiful melodies.
Then the main acrobatic act began. Some performers juggled LED sticks, creating patterns in the air, all the while dancing with grace and class. Then fire jugglers and acrobats performed dangerous stunts that made the audience gasp and applaud.
Some acrobats gyrated in a Cyr wheel — a large metal hoop in which the performer stands and precisely rolls around the stage — while others dropped from the rafters on ribbons of fabric. Some performed elaborate breakdancing routines on the floor, or spun around on a hanging cube with their hands and feet aloft.
Props that enhanced the experience included bicycles with glowing wheels and drumsticks set on fire. The beautifully designed, vibrantly colored costumes, and the incredible stage set, were the cherries on top of this feast for the senses.
The show ended with all the acts together, the visual acts combining wonderfully with the brilliant choice of music and the singer’s voice to leave the audience delighted as the show ended with a bang.
The experience was captivating and magical. The audience loved it and left the theater with broad smiles.
“The reaction of the public was amazing,” said Obada Awad, the CEO of Timesentertainment. “We announced the show five days ago and it was sold out very quickly, in a city that is an hour away from Jeddah — so that says a lot about the people’s hunger for entertainment.
“We are getting a lot of support from the General Entertainment Authority in organizing many events. Everything we work on is the first [of its kind here], so it feels great making history in the entertainment sector and its amazing.
“It was very exciting and it was something new,” said Rania, who is Jordanian-American. “As a resident here I feel great about the change that I can see happening and I can’t wait to see what is next.”
Zahra, a Saudi citizen, added: “We have always seen shows on the television and couldn’t help but feel envious of the people there, but now we get to see such things brought to us by the government. It is very exciting and we are very happy about it.”
“It is a great opportunity for families, especially kids, to see new, creative things and grow up in an open environment,” said Hiba, a mother of two.
Illuminaire continues at Bay La Sun hotel and Marina in King Abdullah economic city until March 3.

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