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Fancy a date? Charming kleija man proves popular among female Janadriyah visitors

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JEDDAH: The question is: Is it the delicious date-filled kleija that is drawing crowds of women to the Qassim pavilion at the Janadriyah National Heritage Festival in Riyadh?
Or is it, perhaps, the movie-star good looks of the handsome young man selling the sweet delicacy from a kiosk in the pavilion?
Social media has delivered its verdict, and it’s a resounding one. “I want the man who sells kleija in my life,” said @madambiue on Twitter.
Others are prepared to take the matter further. “Anyone know in which city does the kleija man reside?” inquired @i_l8.
Women have been queuing up to film and photograph the kleija seller with the male-model looks, and the results are all over Instagram and Twitter. In one, the young man tries to hide behind a plastic bag.

بياع كليجا اشتهر من كثر مايصورونه
قليلات الحيا

تخيل معي بنت حلوه تبيع
وشباب يصورونها كثير

أترضاه لأختك
مو رجال
نطالب بسجنه

لكن بنت عادي pic.twitter.com/DJLsF91kHV

— شهرة غريبة (@PosWor) February 24, 2018

Such is the female interest that the kiosk owner has been forced to take action, lest sales suffer. A sign outside reads: “Buy first, snap later.”

A sign outside reads: “Buy first, snap later.” (social media)

While the women have made up their minds, Saudi men on social media had mixed views. Some took it light-heartedly and posted videos expressing an interest in becoming kleija sellers, given the female attention they seem to attract. Others criticized women who were once too shy even to raise their voices in a man’s presence.

من ولده ذا شكله ضايع : pic.twitter.com/0tQouZF05N

— عبدالله الحجيلي (@p1lih) February 24, 2018

The Qassim region of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest producers of dates in the Middle East, and agriculture is the cornerstone of its economy. The region’s pavilion at the Janadriyah National Heritage and Culture Festival has provided employment for 30 young Saudis selling traditional food, pastries and other local products.

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