RNC Spox: ‘Today Marks the Day that the Democrats’ Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theory Unraveled’

byIan Hanchett16 Feb 20180

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime,” RNC Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany responded to the indictment of 13 Russians for election interference by declaring, “Today marks the day that the Democrats’ Russia collusion conspiracy theory unraveled.”

McEnany said, “Today marks the day that the Democrats’ Russia collusion conspiracy theory unraveled. Because what we learned is astonishing. We learned that the Russians were also organizing for Bernie Sanders. We learned that in late November of 2016, they then turned their efforts to be against President Trump, that their goal was to sow discord and chaos, not to promote a certain candidate, and that no Americans were involved in this plot that they uncovered. This is astonishing. It backs up what the Democrats have said all along, Dianne Feinstein saying it was all based on rumors and newspapers, but not necessarily evidence. Now we know that to be true. Democrats deceived this country and they were caught today.”

She added, “[T]he president has said, yes, the Russians have meddled in our election and it is a very serious thing. He has said that. That is documented. That is accurate.”

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