New expo focuses on business’ tech future

Businesses from across the Orana region will have the chance to hear from some of Australia’s leading technology experts when Dubbo hosts the regional technology expo in July.

The first event of its kind in Dubbo, is an initative of the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and aims to help businesses from across the state’s west to embrace the technological revolution.

About seven speakers – leaders in technology industries and from some of Australia’s leading companies – will cover topics including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain and cyber security.

“These events are … generally nationally and they’re scattered around the country and the logistics of country folk maybe taking time out of their business and spending money and travel time to go to those sort of events may be difficult,” Dubbo Chamber president Matt Wright said.

“We want to be able to bring it to the people in the area ourselves and bring with that some people who have got great knowledge in the industry and in the topic that they choose to speak in.” committee member Mathew Dickerson will emcee the event, and said it was a myth that people in the country were slow to embrace new technologies.

“People in regional areas are always looking for the latest ways to run their business,” Mr Dickerson said.

“They want to know what’s available, they want to know what they can do and once they can see what they can do I think they’ll take advantage of that and Dubbo businesses – regional businesses – will stay way ahead of city businesses like they do now.”

He said the event was designed to be accessible in a single day for business representatives across the Orana and Central West regions.

“One of the hardest things in business is to be able to get access to the latest technology … When you are in a regional area it does make it harder,” Mr Dickerson said.

“Having an event in Dubbo will just be fantastic to expose businesses to the latest technology.

“People will interested to hear, not so much the detail of what [the speakers] are talking about, but more about the big picture: where are we headed, what trends should we look for, what things should we be looking to take advantage of?

“That’s a really tough part in business, to make decisions in business not for today but to make decisions for next week, next year, the next decade and to set yourself up to take advantage of those trends.” will be held on Tuesday, July 31 at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, with speakers set to be announced in the coming weeks.

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