Former fashion photographer criticises magazines for female corpse trend

Former fashion photographer criticises magazines for female corpse trend
(Picture: Gucci)

When it comes to film and TV, women are often victims of violence.

Rape, slaughter, emotional abuse – for some reason, directors love brutality towards women.

In the fashion photography world, however, you don’t get to play out those sick fantasies because you’ve only got one frame to play with.

So instead, directors simply depict female models as corpses.

And Jennifer Moss, a former fashion photographer from LA, has had enough of it.

‘As a female, as a mother of a daughter and as a consumer, what’s most alarming to me is the advertisements where the female is depicted as a dead body,’ she tells the BBC.

Jennifer has been studying magazines in a bid to understand why high-end brands like depicting dead women so much.

She’s categorised images into four groups. The first sees women as scared or a victim, with models looking frightened or dead.

The second explores how frequently women are positioned for sex – with their legs spread, or lying undressed on a bed, a la American Apparel.

Jennifer has also found that labels like to show women as childlike, using submissive body language and averted eyes.

Former fashion photographer criticises magazines for female corpse trend
(Picture: D&G)

And lastly, is the concept that women are ‘one of many’. You don’t see the woman’s face – they’re just a product.

‘The message that they’re portraying is that that’s glamorous,’ she explains.

‘That you should be meek, you should be timid, you should be scared walking down the street.

‘What is this woman scared of?’

And although the trend, she says, is changing in favour of showing more empowered women (no doubt because the industry has clocked onto the fact that ‘wokeness’ is profitable), this kind of marketing still exists.

As Hollywood continues to battle against sexism, both in practise and performance, let’s see if that can really translate across fields.

Fashion’s got a long way to go to truly start moving forward.

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