Coronation Street spoilers: Henry Newton to fall for Gemma Winter and call off the cruel bet?

Surprise ending for cruel Gemma and Henry bet storyline in Corrie?
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Coronation Street could be lining up a curveball as cruel prankster Henry Newton may well fall for his girlfriend Gemma Winter for real as he is left genuinely touched by her caring and fun loving personality.

At the moment, the mean brewery heir is taking part in a nasty bet which involved him seducing Gemma and making her fall for him. He was seen by fans mocking her down the phone to his met before smugly boasting that he was about to win his bet.

Poor Gemma is oblivious to what is going on and thinks that she is in a loving relationship – especially as callous Henry stepped things up a gear and said that he was falling in love with her. As the relationship continued, Gemma was excited to win a prize of a hotel room for a break for them.

Henry has found a way to get out of this and said that it clashes with his birthday and his family have already made plans for him. Gemma was disappointed but Liz McDonald, trying to be helpful, suggested that she throws a surprise party for him in the Rovers with a Newton and Ridley theme.

When the party gets underway with full on fancy dress, Henry is taken aback by the level of thought that Gemma has put into it and he really enjoys himself. He is genuinely moved by her thoughtful gesture and the hints are there that he is starting to see her in a new light.

Gemma's party for Henry gets underway in Coronation Street
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So could Corrie actually have him fall for Gemma for real and call off the bet, giving the relationship a proper go. And if so, will it all be ruined when Gemma then inevitably discovers the truth that she was a figure of fun to him and his mate.

While this seems to be the way that the story is going, we would love nothing more than Gemma being happy – but we doubt that Henry is the one to bring her this joy. Even if his feelings become real, it’s too late in our eyes.

Henry falls for Gemma in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

After all, if he is capable of treating her in that way in the first place then our Gem deserves better. And we hope that she gives it to Henry both barrels when she discovers the truth!

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