Hollyoaks spoilers: Luke Morgan’s son Oliver gatecrashes his wedding day and reveals everything

Luke's son Oliver gatecrashes the wedding in Hollyoaks and reveals everything
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Luke Morgan is about to get a rude wake up call as all of his lies fall apart around him on the day of his wedding to Mandy Richardson in Hollyoaks. As he and Mandy wed despite him still being married to Scarlett, the party is ruined when his young son Oliver bursts in and pins him to the ground, confronting him over his absence from his life.

With Luke having offered Scarlett money to not reveal the truth to Mandy and the bride herself having shared a snog with the best man Darren Osborne, the wedding is already on course for disaster – it’s not exactly an ideal start to married life is it?

Somehow, against all odds, it seems like the pair DO get wed as they are pictured sharing their first dance in brand new pictures. But when Oliver, played by newcomer Aedan Duckworth, gatecrashes and pushes Luke over, announcing to guests that he is his son, the truth is out.

Luke and Mandy are married in Hollyoaks
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It remains to be seen how Mandy will react to this bombshell and whether this may be the shortest lived marriage in the history of Hollyoaks but Luke has a lot of making up to do after being missing from Oliver’s life for years.

Speaking about settling in, Aedan told ‘You just want to impress everyone when you first start don’t know – I’ve got a big entrance! I think I will be sitting down and watching my first episode with my family; we’ll be doing a big night if I’m not filming. I’m excited – but nervous at the same time.

‘My nana was absolutely over the moon – she was absolutely crying her eyes out which was lovely to see. My family are all really chuffed for me as it’s such a great opportunity for a 16-year-old. I’ve become quite good mates with some of the cast my age as well already, everyone has been really nice.’

Luke and Mandy celebrate in Hollyoaks
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On the topic of his character, he continued: ‘He’s 14, a cheeky chap, a bit cocky and good at football, he’s always right and gets spoilt by his mum a little bit. He loves his food – god he makes some weird food like peanut butter cheese monster munch sandwich; got to love a bit of that!

Oliver attacks Luke in Hollyoaks
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‘Oliver comes in with a bang. At Luke and Mandy’s wedding, Oliver bursts in and reveals to everyone that Luke is his father. In Oliver’s head, his dad left him and his mum, so the initial thing for Oliver is trying to build a relationship with Luke. Although at the start he’s an alcoholic, so Oliver absolutely hate his guts.’

Discussing what it was like to have such dramatic scenes from the off, he enthused: ‘I’d rather get chucked in the deep end straight away, so I know what I have to do from the get go, instead of just doing a little scene. It was hard initially, but I’d say now I’m as comfortable as I can be which is brilliant, as it will definitely help me in the long run.’

With Mandy likely hating him and Oliver resenting him, Luke certainly has a lot of making up to do…


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