Emmerdale spoilers: Action hero Graham Foster saves the day as Joseph Tate destroys the Dingles’ house

Action hero Graham saves the day in Emmerdale as Joseph destroys the Dingle house
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Just when we thought we couldn’t love mysterious newcomer Graham Foster anymore than we already do, he went and waded in to save the day in Emmerdale, beating up a whole host of thuggish builders, pulling two children from the rubble and then handing the credit to Eric Pollard! What a machine.

Fans have been unsure what to make of Graham and his relationship with slimy Joseph Tate but recently, the moral side of Graham has seen him turn on his closest ally despite their past which is yet to be revealed.

And when he came across the digger smashing its way through the cottage, he jumped into the fray. With Eric having tried and failed to stop the demolition, leading to him being thrown down an embankment, Graham had more success and no matter which angle the builders came at him, he was ready.

Joseph Tate is smug in Emmerdale as Debbie lashes out
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He knocked them all flying and sent them running before he then heard the screams of Samson and Noah from within the rubble. Heaving beams and bricks around the place, he kept the kids talking about video games as he saved their lives – moments before a further collapse would have killed them.

When the Dingles then arrived on the scene, Graham handed praise to a confused Eric, saying that he found him in a fist fight with the builders and merely helped him free the children. As Debbie then went to confront Joe over his actions, it’s clear that there will be unfinished business between Graham and his one time friend too.

How will Joseph react to find out that Graham has stood against him? And is this the end of their relationship as Graham remains disgusted with his thirst for revenge?

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