Donald Trump on Dieting: ‘Most of Us Could Lose a Couple of Pounds’

President Donald Trump spoke about dieting and exercise after the White House physician told him he should lose 10-15 pounds for optimal health.

“Most of us could lose a couple of pounds,” he said in an interview with Reuters reporters Jeff Mason and Steve Holland.

The president said his daily routine provided him some exercise.

“I get exercise. I mean I walk, I this, I that,” Trump said. “I run over to a building next door. I get more exercise than people think.”

Trump’s physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, revealed that the president weighed 239 pounds but said he talked with him about losing 10-15 pounds through diet and exercise.

He appeared to scorn people who spent hours in the gym working out, pointing out that their limbs were worn out by the time they aged.

“A lot of people go to the gym and they’ll work out for two hours and all. I’ve seen people … then they get their new knees when they’re 55 years old and they get their new hips and they do all those things,” Trump said. “I don’t have those problems.”

He admitted that he got some exercise on the golf course, but said he did not walk his courses because it would take too much time. But he told reporters he had no problem on the treadmill in his recent physical test.

“I was on a treadmill for the first time actually in quite a while, and it was at a very steep angle, and I was there for a very long time,” he said. “They were surprised. And they said, ‘Well you can stop now, that’s amazing.’ And I said, ‘I can go much longer than this if you want me to.’”

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