10 Coronation Street spoilers: Phelan murder downfall, Bethany lapdancing shock and Anna trial twist

Phelan murder reveal, Bethany lapdancing shock, Anna trial and 7 more Corrie spoilers
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Secrets have a habit of being uncovered in soap – and several residents of Coronation Street are about to discover the consequences of that. As Eileen remains suspicious, the police close in on Pat Phelan over Luke Britton and then there are further revelations at Anna Windass’ trial which could leave him well and truly snookered at last.

Meanwhile, Bethany Platt has her own secrets but when Craig Tinker arrives at a lapdancing bar to deal with a disturbance, he is shocked to find her working there. In other Weatherfield developments, there’s a pregnancy shock for Eva Price while Toyah Battersby is unnerved over Peter Barlow’s closeness to Carla Connor.

All of the latest spoilers are here:

10 Coronation Street spoilers

  • Eileen’s fears over Phelan grow as he is questioned by police over Luke’s murder.
  • Craig is stunned to find Bethany working as a lapdancer and is given an ultimatum.
  • Eva realises that she is pregnant and that she has been for 17 weeks.
  • Simon is excluded from school for selling vodka, leaving Leanne furious.
  • Gary bundles Seb into a taxi in an attempt to force him to make a statement at Anna’s trial.
  • Bethany sets Gary up to try and divide him from Sarah.
  • Phelan is furious when Eileen admits that she had her doubts about him and visited Anna.
  • Toyah clashes with Carla when she suspects that Peter still has feelings for her.
  • Adam takes note of Billy’s dependence on his painkillers and forms a plan.
  • Seb takes the stand at Anna’s trial but will he speak out against Phelan?

Monday 15th January Part One

Craig discovers Bethany is lapdancing in Coronation Street
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Craig and Jess are called to a disturbance at a lapdancing bar and Craig is horrified to find Bethany working there. Meanwhile, Gary confronts Sarah over why she hasn’t been replying to his texts and she realises that Bethany has been deleting them.

Anna begs Eileen to visit her again and warns her that Phelan will turn on her one day. Meanwhile, Faye is worried sick about missing Seb. Eva tells Shona she is feeling unwell and Shona suspects that she might be pregnant while Simon is excluded from school for selling vodka.

Monday 15th January Part Two

Eva thinks she is pregnant in Coronation Street
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Shona hands Eva a pregnancy testing kit and, after giving Adam the brush off, Eva is shocked to take the test and realise that it’s positive. Meanwhile, Peter and Leanne row over Simon’s actions while Peter admits to Toyah that he had been tempted to drink over Christmas.

Craig confronts Bethany over her job but she explains that it is her way of having control over her own body and over men and warns him that if he can’t accept it then they’re over. Meanwhile, Eileen threatens to report Anna after becoming convinced that Phelan is innocent.

Wednesday 17th January Part One

The police question Phelan over Luke in Coronation Street
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Anna tells Gary that their only hope is Seb and, after getting a lead from Nicola, he tracks Seb down and is horrified to hear Seb’s claims that Phelan killed Luke. As Phelan is reported, the police take him in for questioning, leaving Eileen unsure.

Toyah is convinced that Peter is hiding something while Eva discovers that she is 17 weeks pregnant. Craig interrupts Bethany mid dance to tell her that he has reached a decision while Billy is told that he can return home. Sean realises that his lingerie samples have been damaged and Hope blames Ruby.

Wednesday 17th January Part Two

Gary finds Seb in Coronation Street
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After being questioned by police and telling them that he was home alone when Luke was killed, Phelan tells Eileen that it was all just routine. When she admits that she searched for his gun and visited Anna, Phelan is angry. Gary locks Seb in a cab so that he can testify in court.

Eva tells Shona that she isn’t ready for a baby while Simon’s behaviour causes more problems for Leanne. Sarah tells Craig that she is worried about Bethany but Craig has agreed to keep her secret.

Tyrone confides his worries about Ruby in Sean while Eileen asks Adam and Eva to help with Billy’s care.

Friday 19th January Part One

Toyah and Carla bicker in Coronation Street
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Toyah overhears Carla and Peter talking about the past and bristles with jealousy, setting out to befriend Carla in order to keep her enemy close. But when Michelle overhears her true feelings, a row ensures.

Phelan sticks in the knife to Anna at the court while it is then Seb’s turn to take the stand but is he brave enough to stand up to Phelan? Sarah comforts Gary over the trial and Bethany is annoyed to see them grow closer.

Gemma wins a night in a hotel but Henry lets her down while Geraldine confronts Billy when he returns home but he insists that he hasn’t heard from Todd and Summer.

Friday 19th January Part Two

Sarah gets the wrong idea about Gary in Coronation Street
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Bethany hatches a plan to drive Sarah and Gary apart and with the help of her friend from the lapdancing club, Sam, she lures Gary into a trap. Sarah walks into the pub to find a stranger draped over Gary but can Gary explain?

Peter reassures Toyah over Carla while Billy tries to call a truce with Peter. But Adam takes note of his enemy’s reliance on painkillers. Gemma plans a surprise birthday party for Henry while the drama at court continues.

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