Hollyoaks spoilers: Stars reveal all as Shane Sweeney returns from the ‘dead’

Hollyoaks stars reveal all as Shane returns from the dead
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Hollyoaks fans are set to welcome back villainous Shane Sweeney to the show as he makes his big return from the ‘dead’ tonight – after the likes of Darren Osborne and Joel Dexter assumed him dead after he fell from the cliff during a showdown.

Darren is horrified when Shane comes back demanding £20K. It’s Luke and Mandy’s engagement party at The Loft and Luke suggests to Darren that they steal from the safe. They succeed but while they’re waiting for Shane, Grace turns up and snatches the money back. How will they explain this to Shane and will he take revenge for how things ended between them last time?

We’re sworn to secrecy but we caught up with returnee Michael Salami to discuss the scenes. Pondering on what’s new with Shane, he said: ‘He is a changed man in a sense as he has been through a lot – he legit wants to be there for his boys. That’s his thing and he wants to be a good guy. But with his past, there’s always this lingering madness so it’s a case of him trying to balance both worlds.’

Darren faces off Shane in Hollyoaks
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‘It was always the plan for me to come back so it was so fun watching the public reaction. Surprisingly people cared – I was getting messages every day so I had to just put shifty emoji eyes. It was hard to keep the secret, I did want to tell people to stay tight but people thinking that he was dead was good. I wanted them to almost forget so when he arrives back it’s like BAM!’

Shane loses it in Hollyoaks
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Discussing the feud with Darren and Joel, he warned: ‘They should be worried – they shouldn’t assume to do something to Shane and get away with it! At the same time, he is trying to be a new man! There is a sense of Shane trying to finish off that period of his life when he interacts with Darren. He wants him to remember his actions and not to mess.’

During the chat, stars Malique Thompson-Dwyer (Prince) and Theo Graham (Hunter) told that their characters swap places in relation to Shane with Prince not wanting anything to do with his dad but a vulnerable Hunter needing him around after everything that has happened.


And the relationship could have a knock on effect on Prince’s relationship with Lily. Malique said: ‘Prince wants to be Lily’s side and she is begging him to be there for her but he is completely distracted by his dad turning up. Everything goes pear shaped with him and Lily. We’re always splitting up and getting back together – I think the fans are sick of it now!

‘I’d love them to stay together but Prince is always making mistakes. He really does take after his dad.’

Looking further ahead, the three actors were pondering what their ideal storylines would be. Theo shared: ‘When I joined I was told Hunter has been in love before – with a girl his own age this time! So I do wonder if she will ever turn up. It will be interesting to see how he’d deal with that and what went on before. He’s always falling in love – he’s just a nice guy!’

Hollyoaks stars reveal all as Shane returns from the dead
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Michael added: ‘I’d like a love interest too – it’s be really cool for Shane and Goldie to get together. At the beginning, we saw hints of Shane flirting with Neeta – I’d like to flirt a lot more!’

Malique shared: ‘For me, I just want to see Prince on the straight and narrow and doing the right things for once! And not making those stupid mistakes – it’s funny when he does them and I like the mischief but I’d like to see him stay out of trouble.’

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