Watch: Anti-Semitic Rant Outside Israeli Restaurant in Berlin Goes Viral

A video posted online of a man delivering vile anti-Semitic abuse outside an Israeli restaurant in Berlin has sparked a police investigation in the German capital.

The six-minute video (see below) of the man abusing restaurateur Yorai Feinberg has been viewed more than 600,000 times on the internet since it was posted last Tuesday. The man delivering the verbal attack was released and the case is under investigation for inciting hate and resisting arrest.


“This guy saw my menorah in the window and suddenly started shouting,” Mr. Feinberg told the Spiegel online after the video went public.

The assailant at first tries to wave the camera away. But then he tells Mr. Feinberg that Jews belong neither in Israel nor in Germany because “nobody wants you people.”

“Everything’s about money with you,” he says at one point. “You will have to pay up in five or 10 years. And your whole family, your whole clan here,” he says, waving toward the camera. “What did you all want here after 1945? After 6 million of you were killed. What do you still want here?

Mr. Feinberg finally sees a police car passing by and runs to wave down the officers.

As he does the man says, “No one will protect you … you can all go to the gas chamber. Either go back [where you came from] or off to the bloody gas chamber. No one wants you.”

Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Jeremy Issacharoff, stopped by Feinberg’s on Thursday. He told the German media that it was important to “deal right away with such cases, with zero tolerance.”

“The right reaction to any kind of anti-Semitism is an immediate reaction,” he said.

The incident on Tuesday is the latest in a long line of examples in Germany this year where Jews have been targets of abuse.

As Breitbart News reported, the German Interior Ministry announced in September that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the country has risen by four per cent since last year as some accuse the government of presenting the crimes as coming from right-wing sources rather than radical Islamists.

German schools have also become mired in anti-Semitic incidents, particularly in Berlin. Earlier this year a Jewish student was forced to switch schools because of physical and verbal harassment he faced at the hands of Muslim students.

It was also revealed by a report conducted by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) that the phrase” You Jew!” had become a common insult in Berlin schools with high populations of students from migrant backgrounds. The report also claimed that local mosque leaders were influencing students to the extent that they were attempting to enforce Islamic morality on school grounds.

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