Teen Vogue Triggered by ‘Sexist’ Jimmy Choo Shoe Ad Starring Cara Delevingne


byJohn Binder22 Dec 2017New York City, NY0

The latest ad campaign featuring supermodel Cara Delevingne for the luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo has outraged Teen Vogue, with the social justice-focused magazine claiming the ad is “obviously sexist.”

In the ad, Delevingne channels Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface as she walks down the city streets in a sexy, sparkling red dress with wavy platinum blonde hair, her signature dark, thick eyebrows and the Holiday-inspired Maine constellation crystal heels by Jimmy Choo.

As Delevingne continues down the streets, men and women stop, stare, and comment on her glittering Jimmy Choo boots.

“Nice shoes lady,” one passerby says.

“Hey, great shoes!” a street cook comments.


Though consumers have seemed to love the ad campaign, Teen Vogueclaims the catcalling-like comments on Delevingne’s Jimmy Choo shoes is “obviously sexist.”

The magazine laments:

Cara has been an activist for mental health, women and LGBTQ rights over the course of her career and participating and something that many feel is so obviously sexist is confusing. At this point, she has yet to comment about the campaign and the reaction that followed.

The “many” people supposedly outraged by the Jimmy Choo ad appeared to be mainly a handful of feminists on Twitter.

Perhaps now is not the best moment to run an ad about how cool and sexy catcalling is?

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) December 19, 2017

when will they learn? this is so tired and cliche to begin with. as someone in comms and women's rights and interested in shoes, im disappointed on many fronts.

— Noorjahan Akbar (@NoorjahanAkbar) December 19, 2017

Since Teen Vogue and the feminist outrage over the ad, Jimmy Choo removed the commercial from its Youtube page, though the images and clips of Delevingne from the ad remain on the brand’s Instagram.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

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