Coronation Street 2018 spoilers: Pat Phelan kills Luke Britton as he claims his next victim?

Corrie confirms Phelan's next murder victim in New Year death shock?
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The end could be nigh for Luke Britton as he makes the mistake of confronting Pat Phelan over Andy Carver’s death in Coronation Street – at the mill where Andy was shot!

After spotting the wire model in the cab office, Luke confronts Eileen who admits that she found it in the house that Phelan was working on which, as viewers know, was where Andy was held hostage.

Luke starts to doubt the yarn spun by Phelan and Andy’s supposed mate Matt and so gets in touch with him, arranging to meet him in a bar. When Luke arrives early, he sees Matt getting a pep talk from Phelan and his suspicions mount.

Luke wants answers from Phelan in Coronation Street
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He confronts Matt after Phelan has left and gets to the truth at last – he doesn’t know where Andy is and Phelan created the story of Andy backpacking in Belize.

Determined to find out where Andy is, Luke finds out that Phelan is at the mill development site and races to have a showdown with him, firing questions that Phelan is unable to answer, having been caught off guard.

Luke has sussed Phelan in Coronation Street
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As Luke makes it clear that he is going to the police, Phelan strikes him over the head with a rock and the men end up in an intense fight.

Luke hits out at Phelan, punching him to the ground and fleeing into his car. As he drives off, Phelan pursues him, giving chase in his van.


Can Luke outrun the killer or will Phelan catch up with his prey and make him his next victim?

One to watch: Friday 5th January at 8:30pm on ITV.

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