Tinseltown turning Catherine Zeta-Jones into Jane Collins

By Claudia Connell and Claire Cisotti for the Daily Mail

Published: 19:06 EST, 15 December 2017 | Updated: 19:16 EST, 15 December 2017

They may be separated by more than three decades but there is something strangely, strikingly similar about Catherine Zeta-Jones, 48, and Dame Joan Collins who’s … ahem … famously ‘shy’ about revealing her age.

Is it down to their glossy raven hair? The immaculately applied make up? Or simply the same diva-ish swagger? Here Claudia Connell examines the likenesses between the two British glamourpusses and charts how Michael Douglas’ famous wife is morphing into Catherine Zeta-Joan!

If you thought the last person who looked good in a white trouser suit was John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, then think again.

Catherine looked sexy in her three piece white suit earlier this year. But, as ever, it’s Joan who trailed the blaze – sporting the same look 17 years earlier.

No diva, whatever her age, is complete without a fur coat, and Catherine Zeta Jones is learning from the master. Fake or real, when Dame Joan was pictured stepping out for dinner in 2011, and Catherine while out and about in New York, the message was the same. Some serious money and attitude coming through!

Dressed in demure black lace, Catherine and Joan look like they could be mother and daughter. And their taste in fashion isn’t the only thing these two have in common. Both women now sell products through the shopping channel QVC. Catherine recently launched her line of homeware, while Joan flogs her range of cosmetics and skin care. Could fashion lines follow?

Some actresses may dress down when they travel but these two wouldn’t dream of it. Looking like they’re both about to perform the Paso Doble on Strictly – or do some fancy sword moves as a Zorro stunt double – Joan and Catherine prove there is no such thing as slipping through an airport incognito.

Joan was the best-dressed shopper in town when she nipped into Waitrose to pick up some groceries a few years back. As usual, she couldn’t slum it along with the supermarket yummy mummies in tracksuits and trainers. Instead, she dressed up in a smart navy suit and straw hat. She didn’t even stop to pick up her free coffee. Catherine looked equally low key in her ‘celebrity in disguise’ uniform of Blue Brothers’-style straw hat, sunglasses and and blazer while arriving at in Los Angeles airport recently. While a deadringer for Ms Collins, Dame Joan would never be seen dead in leggings.

When it comes to their grooming routines, the words ‘less is more’ are not ones you’re likely to hear Catherine or Joan say.

In the past, Catherine has endorsed cosmetics for Elizabeth Arden while Joan launched her own beauty range three years ago.

Both are fans of the dramatic smoky eye and the glossy lip. Naturally, they also understand the importance of the perfect pout.

Have they just read the reviews for their latest movies? Or maybe they’re just trying to prove they can still raise their eyebrow? Whatever the reason, both actresses looked like they’d heard some shocking news.

How does a great diva holiday in luxurious locations without exposing her skin to the sun’s damaging rays? Why, she wafts around up in a chic kaftan and straw hat of course!

Joan, who spends most summers in St Tropez where she has a home, opted for a mini floral kaftan to go over her white bikini in 2015. She completed her look with a straw boater, shades and her trademark scarlet lipstick. You’d think if she was so keen to avoid the sun, she’d holiday in Skegness.

Similarly, Catherine doesn’t like to risk a single UV ray penetrating her peachy, Welsh complexion, so when she jetted off to Barbados in 2005 she opted for a very Joan-like look with sunglasses and a hat – although she loses points for her lack of lipstick.

Catherine and Joan have both been honoured by the Queen for their work — although in Joan’s case it was for her charity work rather than her acting talents. Perhaps Her Majesty isn’t a fan of The Bitch and The Stud? Back in 1997 Joan looked the picture of sophisticated glamour when she collected her OBE from The Palace. Two years ago she was honoured with a long-awaited Damehood.

Catherine is currently Dame-less but was given a CBE in 2011 for her services to the film industry and charity and, like Joan, wore an elegant wide-brimmed hat for the occasion.

When they’re not parading on the red carpet both women love the understated appeal of nautical stripes. Joan teamed her Breton top with a blazer and white gloves when she travelled through Heathrow in 2009 while Catherine kept it casual with a navy cardi in New York the following year.

Joan has admitted that she’ll often resort to wigs on bad hair days, but on days when your hairdresser isn’t around with a handy hairpiece, a peaked cap will do the job nicely. It goes without saying that oversized sunglasses complete the look for both women.

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