EastEnders Christmas spoilers: Shocking exits revealed for Lauren and Abi Branning

Shocking EastEnders Christmas exits for Lauren and Abi revealed
(Picture: BBC)

It’s the end of the road for popular characters Lauren and Abi Branning in EastEnders as the much loved sisters are on their way out amid a shocking turn of events in Albert Square. But in an unmissable Christmas storyline, what ending does the show have in store for them and will they survive?

The pair have turned their backs on their malicious dad Max and Lauren is currently making plans to move away with Josh Hemmings while Abi wants to concentrate on her unborn baby, something which could take her away from the Square too.

Max, Lauren and Abi destroyed in EastEnders Christmas
(Picture: BBC)

Max is fighting to build bridges with his daughters but is understandably having little luck – until Abi relents and agrees to spend Christmas with him.

However, just as Max is making headway, another bombshell explodes as Stacey Fowler’s phone is returned to her complete with a voicemail from Jane Beale which exposes the truth about what Max did to her.


With Abi having been in love with Steven and carrying his baby, Max’s involvement in his death will destroy her. And sure enough, as Max loses control of the situation and has more of his sins outed, a catastrophic turn of events shatters the family forever.

Abi reaches out to Max in EastEnders Christmas
(Picture: BBC)

We are sworn to secrecy over what plays out and how Abi and Lauren will eventually make their departure. But before their final scenes air, a shocking turn of events will have taken place and the Brannings will never be the same again.

One to watch: Christmas Day

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