Coronation Street Christmas spoilers: Suicide torment for Adam Barlow

Corrie lines up suicide torment for Adam Barlow this Christmas
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Adam Barlow is set to be pushed to the brink as the revelations about Billy Mayhew being involved in the death of his mum Susan overwhelm him in Coronation Street. As a child, Adam was in the car with Susan when she died and he is set to discover that it was Billy and his mates who caused the crash and continued to drive.

Peter found this out after an admission from Billy and he sets out to take his revenge on him. A terrible chain of events leaves Billy in a coma and Peter tells his horrified family that he has killed him.

Adam is stunned by the reasons behind Peter and Billy’s clash and Ken urges his family to play dumb when questions are asked about what happened to Billy.

But Adam is certain that if Billy does pull through, then he will make him suffer and when he comes across a letter that Todd Grimshaw has sent to Billy to explain that he has taken Summer away and is looking after her while things die down, Adam burns it in rage.

Later, Daniel Osbourne arrives home and is horrified to find Adam collapsed on the floor after an overdose of painkillers and whiskey.

Daniel saves Adam in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

Adam manages to survive his ordeal and he pays his mum’s grave a visit and vows to get justice for her, later joining Geraldine to ensure that Billy loses contact with Summer.

But will he need to go so far – as Billy suddenly has a cardiac arrest in hospital and ends up at death’s door, is he set to die? And how will Adam feel if he does?

One to watch: Boxing Day

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