EastEnders spoilers: Who is Dots friend Dr Legg as he returns?

Dr Legg returns to EastEnders
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This is a blast from the past! Tonight, EastEnders stalwart Dot Branning heads to visit former Walford GP Dr Legg so that he can put her mind at rest over her health worries. But for EastEnders fans who are young or have only started tuning in during the last decade, Dr Legg could well be a stranger to you.

Harold Legg made his first appearance in the soaps opening episode back in 1985 and served as the GP for Walford for 14 years on screen. However, he had been in his own practice since 1947.

Dr Legg first appears in EastEnders when it begins on 19 February 1985. He is the local doctor for Walford, where he had lived most of his life, opening his practice there in 1947. After the death of his wife Judith when an unexploded German bomb exploded, Dr Legg never remarried.

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he moved out of the Square but continued to hold surgery while renting a flat. One of his first major patients was Sue Osman, whose baby died. She was in serious shock and Dr Legg tried to help her come to terms with the tragedy.

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Dot was quite the hypochondriac but Dr Legg was patient with her always and humoured her many ailments and they became friends. In 1988, Dr Legg was joined by his nephew David, who was a doctor in Israel is made a partner in the practice. Despite being extremely fond of each other, the new partners argued about almost everything. David wanted to modernise the surgery and bring in computers but Dr Legg was set in his ways and is opposed to any obvious changes.

Later, David and Harold fell out over Dr Leggs treatment of patients when he discovered that Colin Russell was showing early symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. He decided not to tell Colin as worrying about his condition could bring on another attack. Colin was furious that Harold had kept this information from him and threatened to report Dr Legg to the authorities.

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David later became upset by his uncles lack of persistence concerning Donna Ludlows heroin addiction and blamed him for her death later in the year. Things reached a climax in 1989 when Dr Legg failed to diagnose Vicki Fowlers meningitis and Vicki almost died, making him question his abilities as a doctor and sending him into early retirement.

Davids more modern methods proved unpopular with the older residents so Dr Legg came out of retirement. David tried to fight his decision but his girlfriend, Ruth made him see how futile the arguing had become. David and Dr Legg managed to sort out their differences before David returned to Israel.

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Dr Legg retired again and and left in February 1997. He has made brief appearances since however, attending Ethels funeral in September 2000 and Mark Fowlers in April 2004. His last appearance was in June 2007, when Dot visited him when she has an hour of need.

His next appearance is tonight – but he is set to drop a major bombshell on Dot that could bring his story to a close.

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